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Early Fall Garden Check List for North Texas

As many of you know just because the calendar and the weather news sites say its officially fall doesn’t mean its fall weather that other states start to see in September and October. Our temperatures do start to drop and they steadily continue to drop until January. The temperatures drop to near like spring temperatures in late September and October and almost never cold enough for an early  fall frost. Plant life that slowed down during our Texas summers come out of survival mode and start growing and producing flowers/fruit again. During this time, there’s a few things that need to be addressed before its get to cold. Today, I want to talk about an early fall garden check list I do. Its very similar check list I wrote a few a years ago.

Early Fall Garden Check List for North TexasImage Source: Flickr

Early Fall Garden Check List
  1. Cut back your roses, trees, and plants that die back in the winter months. Keep in mind if you do this to early your trees and plants may bud out again. I only cut back trees and plants if I am doing a serious cut back. This way they have a chance to recover and grow enough to cover the damage. In the winter I will go back and do a light trimming for plants shrubs that new need new growth to produce flowers and fruit next season.
  2. Its time to start transplanting trees and dividing perennials that need their yearly dividing.
  3. Give your flower beds one last heavy weeding and remove any plants that might have been lost over the summer. Don’t forget to pull up your summer annuals.
  4. Prep any garden beds that you plan to have fall crops or adding fall and winter plants. For new and empty beds, add compost and other organic materials. Then till in or mix in with your shovel.  Once your beds are prepped, add a layer of mulch to the bed.
  5. Its time to add  a little compost and mulch to all your beds. Over the summer, the heat and water from your watering can speed up the decomposing process. During this process your mulch flattens out and even turns into a nice layer of decayed organic matter.The extra mulch will help protect the roots of your plants and help it look good even if the beds are empty during the winter months.
  6. Plan and build your new flower beds. In the warmer months of the south, I hate working on flower beds. Hauling loads of soil, building retaining walls, and adding irrigation is painful in 105+ degree weather. In the DFW area,  late September and early October is a great time have a late fall garden. If you are planting from seed, I would start as early you can. You can start late August for slow growing cool weather vegetables. For Beans and salad greens, you can technically start from seed as late as October. Make sure to pick veggies that have shorter days to harvest. You will probably only get one, maybe two harvests before its to cold and it kills the plants.
  7. Check and maintain your power tools. If you haven’t checked your power tools for maintenance (should be checking oil and filters at least once a month) its time to pull out your lawn mowers, string trimmers, and chain saws. If the oil and filters still look, you can wait to work on your equipment when the growing season is over.
  8. Now that the weather is cooling off, you can lower your deck down a level and give your lawn several more cuts at nice lower level cut before the grass stops growing during the winter months.

Please note: This is just a growing list that I find useful in the DFW area. Not everything on this list works for your garden or is right for your area. If you would like to add your tips, please submit a guest article request or add your tips in the comments area. This is a growing list and we will try and add them to the list.

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