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Chinese Mimosa Tree, Albizia julibrissin

Posted by in on 12-14-16

The Chinese Mimosa Tree can grow anywhere from 20-40 feet, mine is extremely slow growing, I’m putting that down to the almost concrete like soil I planted it in, took two of us with a gas powered auger to drill the hole! If I had better soil conditions, it would grow a little faster.

Chinese Mimosa Tree

I have seen these flourish in North Texas so they will grow. My theory is I will sacrifice the mess for it’s beauty, the seeds will drop and germinate, maybe some pre-emergent will take care of that. Image Source: Chinese Mimosa Tree

The leaves are fern like, wide and a beautiful deep green, this species throws up a decent size canopy if that’s what you want but take a look at those light pink blooms, I hear they are very fragrant, this thing hasn’t stopped blooming since May in only its second year in the ground.

Some strange facts, it came from Iran and Japan and gets a bad rap on horticultural reviews, if you have a pristine lawn then maybe this isn’t for you because it will grow a canopy that Bermuda lawns may struggle to grow under.

This are difficult to find in North Texas, ask around or get one shipped in. The one I got took 3 nursery staff and me 2 hours to find, looked horrible in the pot but I got my guarantee and now it looks ship-shape.

Chinese Mimosa Tree Features

Common Names: Silk Tree, Pink Siris, Persian Silk Tree
Scientific Name: Albizia julibrissin
Hardiness Zone: 6a-10b
Disease: Mimosa wilt
Plant Type: Tree – Deciduous
Flower Color: pink
Plant Color:
Green and woody
Bloom Time: Mid Summer
Insects/Pests: Mites, scales, webworms
Growth Rate: Fast growth rate in ideal conditions
Water needs: Drought-tolerant; suitable for xeriscaping
Light Needs: Sun to Partial Shade
Height Mature: 30ft to 40ft in ideal conditions
Width Mature: 30ft
Danger: Invasive

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