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Texas Thistle, Cirsium texanum

Posted by in , on 6-14-17

The Texas Thistle is a multi-stemmed wild flower that has very little to no branches on each stem. If there are branches they can be towards the top of each stem. The leaves alternate with smaller leaves toward the upper third and larger ones throughout the rest of the plant. The leaves are green on top and white on the bottom that has a wooly texture. The plant also has spines or thorns. At the top of the stem there is one flower with no ray like peddles but are large disk like flowers.

Texas Thistle

Reasons to Grow Texas Thistle in Your Garden

This Texas Wild Flower is a drought tolerant plant that can found in unmanaged fields and along Texas roadsides. The flowers are a great source of nectar for our pollinators and if you let the flowers go to seed, they provide food for the birds.

Not only do the bumblebees love these flowers the larvae of the painted-lady butterfly will feed on the foliage. When the flowers turn to seed, Goldfinches will the eat the seeds and the fluff (silk like material surround the seeds) in their nests.

Texas Thistle Plant Characteristics

Common Names: Texas Thistle
Scientific Name: Cirsium texanum Buckley
Plant Type: Biennial
Plant Size: 2’ to 5’
Flower Color: Pink , Violet
Plant Color: Green with white on the undersides of the leaves
Bloom Time: April through August
Growth Rate: Fast
Hardiness: Drought Tolerant
Water needs: Very little
Propagation: Seeds
Light Requirements: Full Sun
Deer Resistance: unknown

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