Early Fall Garden Check List for North Texas

As many of you know just because the calendar and the weather news sites say its officially fall doesn’t mean its fall weather that other states start to see in September and October. Our temperatures do start to drop and they steadily continue to drop until January. The temperatures drop to near like spring temperatures […]

How to Start Composting

Starting a compost pile is as easy a tossing your leaf and grass clippings in a pile and letting it rot for the growing season. But before I go into detail on how easy it to start composting your garden wastes, lets go over what actually is composting. What is Composting Composting is any organic […]

Late Winter Gardening To-Do List

Its February, that means spring is just around the corner and there is a ton of stuff to do in your garden. Like most of us, we take time off from the garden and may even ignore it for a few months all together. Normally about this time of year, I have the garden all […]

The Confederate Rose, Hibiscus Mutabilis

The Confederate Rose or Cotton Rose (Hibiscus mutabilis) is a shrub that can grow into a small tree from China that thrives in the southern gulf coast of the United States. It can reach a height of fifteen to twenty feet tall and have a spread of ten feet. The foliage has a coarse texture […]

The Great Mimosa Tree Sacrifice!

You know me I’m fed up with the hum-drum plant selections from nursery’s, so I’m constantly on the look out for the weird and wonderful. When I get a sniff of a new plant the first thing I do is ask around, “hey, what do you think of Mimosa’s?” I ask. Every time I get […]

Use Paint Stir Sticks as Plant Tags

Use paint stir sticks as a a cheap an easy way to add a decorative plant tag to the plants in your garden. Why Use Paint Stir Sticks as Plant Tags When looking for that extra touch for your garden or your indoor herb garden can be as simple as adding a decorative plant tag […]

Battle of the Bottle Brush

Native to Australia the Bottle Brush makes a striking shrub/tree if cared for correctly. As soon as you mention Australia when talking about plant life you immediately put this one to the way side if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, but wait, this shrub works, I literally have the living proof. The photo is […]

The Five Most Popular Types of Mulches

Recently I wrote an article about mulch but, I didn’t go into detail about the different types of mulches and which ones were the most popular types of mulch. Today, I want to go more into detail about the more popular types of mulch. Image Source: Flickr The Most Popular Types of Mulch In the […]

32-0-8 – What Do these Fertilizer Numbers Mean?

Ever wondered what the three numbers represent on a bag of fertilizer for your lawn and landscaping plants mean? Choosing the correct fertilizer can be a challenge. Three of the elements necessary for lawn and plant growth are oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. These are all available from the environment free of charge! Image Source: Hedera […]

Flame Acanthus, Hummingbird Bush ( Anisacanthus quadrifidus var. wrightii )

The Flame Acanthus (Hummingbird Bush) is a Texas native that can handle the Texas heat once its established. It’s a late bloomer and will start to bloom in late summer through fall until first frost. The Hummingbird bush, during the blooming months, its covered with long slender, tubular, orange to red flowers. In the wild, […]