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Fruiting Plants & Trees

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Plants that create edible and non edible fruit.

Herbs & Vegetables

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Plants that provide us vegetables.


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Perennial plants are any plants that return more than two years in row. This means the plant stays green year around or dies back to the roots and returns the following year from the roots.


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Texas Natives

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Texas native plants, US natives plants, and plants that do well in Texas or have been growing Texas for so long they are considered by some as Texas natives.


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Trees are a woody perennial plant, that usually have a single stem or trunk growing in height and has lateral branches.


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Weeds are any plants that are considered "unwanted" in the garden. In general its any plant that is invasive, damaging, or toxic.


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Wildflowers found in Texas and surrounding States. - <em>A wildflower (or wild flower) is a flower that grows in the wild, meaning it was not intentionally seeded or planted. - wiki</em>

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